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Trade 2,300+
US stocks and ETFs

No commission

No hidden fees

Fractionalized trading

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Trade confidently with a broker trusted by 200,000+ traders across MENA!

Top traded US stocks and ETFs

Access US stocks and ETFs commission-free, with live share prices and real-time global market insights to empower informed trading decisions.

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No fees on withdrawals.
No fees on funding.

Discover a wealth of funding options with the amana app,
while enjoying the added benefit of zero fees
on all card deposits and withdrawals.

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Set sail on Wall Street waves:
explore US stocks and ETFs.

  • Trade physical or leveraged stocks
  • Zero-commission trading
  • No hidden fees, no minimum balance
  • Instant execution, competitive spreads
  • Choice of fractional share trading
  • Real-time live share prices
  • 24/6 support (English and Arabic)

Leverage derivatives for active traders

Step into the dynamic world of trading with amana, offering tailored leverages across currencies, metals, indices, commodities, crypto, and stocks.

US Stocks

US Stocks

Engage in direct US stock trades at a pure 1x.



Navigate through US ETF trades at a grounded 1x.

US Stock Derivatives
US Stock Derivatives

US Stock Derivatives

Empower your US stock derivative trades with a stable 2x leverage.

US ETF Derivatives
US ETF Derivatives

US ETF Derivatives

Enhance your ETF derivative trades with a solid 2x leverage.

Request more leverage with an easy click.
For more details, connect with our Customer Support team available 24/6.

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Trusted by 200,000+ traders
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All investment products carry risk.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the 2 most recognized US stock exchanges?
The two most recognized US stock exchanges are the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Nasdaq Stock Market (Nasdaq).
What are the 3 major US stock exchanges?
The three major US stock exchanges are the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the Nasdaq Stock Market (Nasdaq), and the Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX).
How much of the global stock market is US?
The US stock market represents a significant portion of the global stock market, typically accounting for around 40% to 50% of the total global stock market capitalization.
How many US stocks are there?
There are thousands of US stocks available for trading, with the exact number fluctuating over time due to new listings, delistings, and changes in market dynamics. The amana app alone offers more than 2,340 physical US stocks.