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Unlock possibilities
with commodities

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Trade gold, oil and more

Futures and spot market derivatives

ETFs and CFDs

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Trade confidently with a broker trusted by 200,000+ traders across MENA!

Top traded commodities

Discover popular commodities like gold, oil, wheat, and coffee, and stay informed with live commodities prices. Trade commodities, ETFs and CFDs

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No fees on withdrawals.
No fees on funding.

Discover a wealth of funding options with the amana app,
while enjoying the added benefit of zero fees
on all card deposits and withdrawals.

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Discover the world
of commodities with amana

  • Trade a variety of commodities
  • Trade commodities, ETFs and CFDs
  • Trade future-based or spot market derivatives
  • Seamlessly integrate commodities into your portfolio
  • Instant execution and competitive spreads
  • 24/6 spport in English and Arabic

Leverage derivatives for active traders

Step into the dynamic world of trading with amana, offering tailored leverages across currencies, metals, indices, commodities, crypto, and stocks.

Commodity Futures <br>Derivatives
Commodity Futures <br>Derivatives

Commodity Futures

Commence your commodity futures trades at a foundational 10x leverage, or ascend to 25x for a more advanced venture.

Energy Futures <br>Derivatives
Energy Futures <br>Derivatives

Energy Futures

Fuel your energy futures trades at 10x leverage as standard, with the option to surge up to 50x.

Spot Energy <br>Derivatives
Spot Energy <br>Derivatives

Spot Energy

Ignite your spot energy trades with a starting point of 10x leverage, and if you're aiming higher, soar up to 50x.

Request more leverage with an easy click.
For more details, connect with our Customer Support team available 24/6.

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Frequently asked questions

Which company is best for commodity trading?
The choice of the best company for commodity trading can depend on various factors, including your specific trading preferences and goals. amana app is a platform that offers a wide range of commodities, including precious metals like gold and silver, as well as commodities like oil, wheat, and coffee. It can be a suitable option for commodity trading.
Is commodity trading halal or haram?
Commodity trading can be considered halal (permissible) or haram (forbidden) in Islamic finance depending on how it is conducted. It is essential to ensure that your commodity trading activities comply with Islamic principles, such as avoiding interest (riba) and excessive uncertainty (gharar). Consulting with Islamic scholars or financial experts well-versed in Islamic finance is advisable to ensure compliance.
How can I start trading commodities?
To start trading commodities, you can use platforms like the amana app, which provides access to a wide range of commodities. Begin by creating an account, funding it, and then you can start trading commodities based on your market analysis and trading strategy.
Which commodities can be traded?
Commodities trading encompasses a broad range of goods and raw materials. Some common commodities that can be traded include precious metals (gold, silver), energy resources (oil, natural gas), agricultural products (wheat, coffee, corn), and industrial metals (copper, aluminum). The availability of specific commodities for trading may vary depending on the platform or brokerage you use, like the amana app, which offers a diverse selection of commodities for trading.