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Seize exciting trading opportunities with popular currency pairs and stay updated with global markets through our real-time Live FX rates.

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No fees on withdrawals.
No fees on funding.

Discover a wealth of funding options with the amana app,
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We offer up to 100x leverage

Step into the dynamic world of trading with amana, offering tailored leverages across currencies, metals, indices, commodities, crypto, and stocks.



With amana, start with a default of 25x leverage and take it up a notch with up to 100x for your major forex trades.



Kick off your minor forex trades with a default 20x leverage, or aim higher with a robust 100x.

Request more leverage with an easy click.
For more details, connect with our Customer Support team available 24/6.

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Trusted by 200,000+ traders
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Frequently asked questions

Is forex trading legal in Dubai?
Yes, forex trading is legal in Dubai, as it is in the wider UAE. However, you must ensure that you adhere to the regulations and licensing requirements set by the relevant authorities. It's advisable to use reputable platforms like the amana app for forex trading in Dubai.
Which platform is best for forex trading in Dubai?
The choice of the best platform for forex trading in Dubai can depend on your specific trading needs and preferences. The amana app is a reputable option that offers more than 70 currency pairs, making it a suitable choice for forex traders in Dubai.
How can I trade forex in UAE?
To trade forex in the UAE, including Dubai, you can start by using platforms like the amana app. Create an account, fund it, and then you can begin trading forex currency pairs based on your analysis and trading strategy. Ensure you are aware of and comply with local regulations.
Is forex trading legal in the UAE?
Yes, forex trading is legal in the UAE, but it's essential to follow the regulatory guidelines and licensing requirements. Using a trusted platform like the amana app can help you navigate the forex market within the bounds of UAE regulations. Always stay informed about any updates or changes in forex trading regulations in the UAE.