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On all assets. All the time.

Except for local shares where our cost is your cost

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Charges and fees

ProductLeverageOvernight financing feesClearing fees
US stocks (exchange traded)NoNoNo
US Stock Derivatives (OTC)YesYesNo
US ETFs (exchange traded)NoNoNo
US ETFs derivativesYesYesNo
Regional stocks (exchange traded/OTC)NoNo

Yes - check fees

Regional stock derivatives (OTC)YesYes

Yes - check fees

Crypto (OTC)NoNoNo
Leveraged Crypto (OTC)YesYesNo
Forex Derivatives (OTC)YesYesNo
International Stock derivatives (OTC)YesYesNo
Futures Based Derivatives (OTC)YesNoNo
Spot market derivatives (OTC)YesYesNo

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