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Our company culture

A Great Place to Work Certified®

At amana, we take pride in being a Great Place to Work Certified® company! This global recognition reflects our outstanding workplace culture and commitment to excellence.

Here, integrity, innovation, and collaboration are not just buzzwords; they are the pillars of our work environment. We celebrate diversity, prioritize well-being, and support each team member’s growth journey.


What to know more?

When you join amana, you're stepping into a legacy that began in 2010—a story of innovation tailored for the Middle Eastern trading community. We're not just another broker; we're regional pioneers, trailblazing the global Fintech revolution for over a decade.


Our global tapestry

At amana, our strength lies in our diversity. With nearly a 100 dedicated individuals representing over 20 unique nationalities, we're not just a team—we're a vibrant mosaic of cultures and perspectives, championing growth and inclusivity for all.

Each member brings a unique story, ensuring that as a collective, we are innovative, resilient, and ever-evolving. Together, we champion growth and inclusivity for all.

Be part of our story

Be part of our story

Joining amana isn’t just starting a job; it's becoming part of a story of empowerment and ambition. We prioritize not just profits but the prosperity and empowerment of our clients.

In being a part of our team, you're aligning with a brand that holds trust, innovation, transparency and regional dedication at its heart. We look forward to welcoming you to the amana family.

Our company culture

Discover why working at amana is unique and different from typical corporate workplaces.


Integrity and

We champion an environment
where every team member’s
potential is reached and
diversity is celebrated.



Global cultures and ideas
not only enrich our
workspace but also amplify
our collective creativity.



We prioritize the well-being
and growth of our team members,
ensuring they have support to thrive.



Our leaders are committed
to mentorship, training, and
ensuring a harmonious
work-life balance.

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