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Trade premium metals like
gold and silver

Spot Gold

Gold Future

Gold ETFs

Mining stocks

Trade confidently with a broker trusted by 200,000+ traders across MENA!

Top traded metals

Trade a variety of metals, from spot gold and gold futures to silver and other valuable options, each offering unique trading potential. Keep informed with real-time metals prices.

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No fees on withdrawals.
No fees on funding.

Discover a wealth of funding options with the amana app,
while enjoying the added benefit of zero fees
on all card deposits and withdrawals.

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Shine bright with amana’s
precious metal trading

  • Trade spot gold or futures
  • Invest in metal ETFs and mining stocks
  • Choose between spot gold or gold futures
  • Trade at competitive, zero-commission prices
  • Harness the power of safe-haven assets
  • Trade conveniently on the go
  • Leverage our 24/6 support

Leverage derivatives for active traders

Step into the dynamic world of trading with amana, offering tailored leverages across currencies, metals, indices, commodities, crypto, and stocks.



Golden opportunities await with a default 20x leverage on gold trades, and for the audacious, a robust 100x.



Illuminate your silver trades beginning with 10x leverage, or amplify it to a strikethrough 100x.

Request more leverage with an easy click.
For more details, connect with our Customer Support team available 24/6.

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Unearth the golden opportunities with gold
and silver trading today!

Trusted by 200,000+ traders
across MENA

Join a thriving global community of investors
hailing from 80 countries across the globe.

All investment products carry risk.

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Frequently asked questions

How to trade in gold in UAE?
To trade gold in the UAE, you can use the amana trading app, which allows you to buy and sell gold contracts and track real-time prices. Simply download the app, create an account, fund it, and start trading gold with ease.
How can I become a gold dealer in UAE?
To become a gold dealer in the UAE, you'll need to meet regulatory requirements and obtain the necessary licenses. amana trading app can be a valuable tool for your gold dealership, providing access to the gold market and facilitating transactions.
Where can I trade gold commodities?
You can trade gold commodities on various platforms in the UAE, and one of the convenient options is using the amana trading app. It offers access to gold contracts and commodities markets, allowing you to trade gold efficiently.
Which strategy is best for gold trading?
The best strategy for gold trading depends on your risk tolerance and market conditions. Some common strategies include trend following, day trading, and long-term investing. It's crucial to do thorough research and consider using the amana trading app's tools and resources to make informed decisions when trading gold.