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Step inside finance’s
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Think of Real Vision as the 'Netflix for finance’. It features insightful tutorials and content from industry giants like Stanley Druckenmiller, Lyn Alden, Jeff Gundlach, and many others. They're here to demystify finance, business, and the global economy for you. The best part? We're unlocking these premium courses for you, at zero cost.

How to get access?

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Download the
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Get instant access to our
Investor Tutorials series, Daily
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Briefing videos. (FREE)

Ready to go deeper?

The ultimate Real Vision course awaits

Engage with Real Vision’s flagship Real Investing
Course: a concise, five-module journey designed by
leading investors. Dive deep into actionable insights,
all in under 10 hours.

How to get started? Deposit $1,000 in your amana
account, make your inaugural trade, and the course
is yours!

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What you’ll get with Real Vision


Investor Tutorials

Quick videos demystifying key market concepts, from asset classes to high-yield curves.
(Available in English with Arabic subtitles)


Daily Briefing

Stay updated with daily market news from the US, Europe, and Asia.


Daily Crypto Briefing

Your daily dive into the crypto universe.


What does it all MENA

An exclusive for amana members, focusing on the MENA markets.
(English with Arabic subtitles)


The Real Investing Course

Real Vision’s crown jewel, shaping you into a confident trader and investor.

Know the fine print

Module 1:

A. Investor Tutorials Series (web and app):

Available for all members. Simply register.

B. Market update videos (app only):

Access requires you to be an active trader.

Module 2:

The Real Investing Course:

Deposit and trade with a minimum of $1,000 to unlock this course.

Maintain a net deposit of over $300 for continued access.

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