Published on: February 02, 2024

How to Buy Salik Stock Shares in Dubai

Author: Derar Hasn

How to Buy Salik Stock Shares in Dubai
Table of Content
How to Invest in Salik Share?
Open a Trading Account
How Much is One Share of Salik in Dubai?
Does Salik Pay Dividends?


In recent years, the MENA region has seen a surge in interest, with Dubai taking center stage as a hub for various investment opportunities. Stocks and shares made headlines in the previous years and among them is Salik. 


Salik, a prominent player in the region's toll collection ecosystem, has become an appealing prospect for investors looking to diversify their portfolios ever since its shares have become available to the public through an IPO. 


In this guide, we'll explore the steps to invest in Salik shares, discuss its current share price, and answer key questions regarding its dividends and stock prices.  


How to Invest in Salik Share? 


Investing in Salik stock shares in Dubai involves a few steps: 


Select a Broker, Choose amana 


Choose a reputable broker that allows you to trade on the Dubai stock market. Ensure that the brokerage supports trading in MENA stocks and provides the necessary tools and information for informed decision-making.  


You can choose to use amana, the leading neo-broker in the MENA region, as Salik is already available for trading in our app. Not only that, leading MENA stocks like Saudi Aramco, Emaar, Emirated NBD, Salik, and many others, are also in the wide range of options you can choose from. 


Open a Trading Account 


Once you've selected a broker, you'll need to open a trading account. This usually involves providing identification documents, proof of address, and other necessary information, for you to start trading in the broker’s mobile application or web platform.  


At amana, our trading platform can be accessed in both our mobile and web versions. In addition, we also support MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 for those who want to utilize sophisticated and advanced trading tools. 


Fund Your Account 


Deposit funds into your trading account to have the capital needed to purchase Salik shares, and other assets or stock that you want to invest in. Most brokers offer various funding options, such as bank transfers or credit/debit card payments. 


At amana, we provide various payment options such as: 


• Credit/Debit card   

• Apple Pay   

• Google Pay   

• UAE Bank Transfer   

• Wire Transfer   

• Whish Money (Lebanon)  

• GateToPay  


Place Your Order 


Use the broker's trading platform or application to place an order for Salik shares. You can typically choose between market orders (buying at the current market price) or limit orders (specifying the price at which you want to buy). 


And if you prefer leveraged trading, amana offers leveraged Salik shares as well. 


Monitor Your Investment 


Keep a close eye on your investment by monitoring market trends, company news, and any relevant economic indicators. This will help you make informed decisions about when to buy, sell, or hold your Salik shares. 


How Much is One Share of Salik in Dubai? 


The price of one share of Salik in Dubai at the time of writing is AED 3.50 ($0.95) per share. Notably, Salik’s price is also subject to market fluctuations and can vary based on investor demand. To find the current share price, you can check financial news websites, your brokerage’s trading platforms, or the Dubai stock market index. It's essential to stay updated on these prices to make informed investment decisions. 


Does Salik Pay Dividends? 


Salik Company PJSC (SALIK) does pay dividends. The last dividend per share was 0.07 AED. As of writing, Salik’s Dividend Yield (TTM)% is 4.05%. (via TradingView) 


Ex-date Record date Pay date Amount Frequency 
8/18/2023 8/21/2023 9/7/2023 0.073 Interim 
4/14/2023 4/17/2023 4/27/2023 0.066 Final 




In conclusion, investing in Salik stock shares in Dubai can be a rewarding venture for those looking to participate in the MENA stock market. By following the outlined steps and staying up to date about market trends, investors can make informed decisions and potentially benefit from the growth of Salik and the Dubai stock market as a whole. 

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