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Why should you care?

Because Real Vision is the Netflix of finance, with tutorial videos and content created by some of the world’s biggest names in investing and trading. They have one goal – to teach people how to invest and trade. And we are giving you access to these courses – for free.

How does it work?

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Download the
amana app complete
your registration.

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Instantly access our Investor
Tutorials series, Daily Briefing,
and Daily Crypto videos.(FREE)

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Enjoy our bi-weekly
‘What Does it all MENA?’ videos
dedicated to the MENA markets.(FREE)

Want more?

Deposit $1,000 into your account, make your first trade and unlock Real Vision’s flagship Real Investing Course.

This 5-module course was designed by some of the
world’s most successful investors and top-class experts
to help everyone become better, more confident traders, and you’ll get access to it at zero cost!


About the videos

Investor Tutorials are bite-size videos to help investors better understand critical market concepts. It covers
topics like asset classes, inflation the global economy and high yield curves.

The Real Investing Course is Real Vision’s flagship 5-module program, created by world-class experts to help
everyone become better, more confident investors. It covers topics like:


Daily Briefing:
a daily video covering general market updates focused on the US, Europeand Asia. English only.


Daily Crypto Briefing:
a daily video that covers market updates related to the world of crypto. English only.


What Does it All MENA?:
Exclusive amana content dedicated to the MENA markets. English with Arabic transcriptions

Terms and conditions

The following content is available for all existing customers, and any new customers who download the app and
complete their registration. No deposits or trading activity are required to access this content.

Module 1:

A. Investor Tutorials Series (web and app):

English with Arabic transcription.

B. Market update videos (app only):

1.Daily Briefing

2. Daily Crypto Briefing

3. What does it all MENA?

The following content is free, but requires you to be an active trader for the content to be unlocked.

Module 2:

The Real Investment Course

Existing or new customers who deposit a minimum of USD 1000 and execute a trade receive free course access. To keep the access, a Net Deposit above USD 300 must be maintained.