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Published on: February 12, 2024

How to invest in DEWA in Dubai with amana

Author: Derar Hasn

How to invest in DEWA in Dubai with amana
Table of Content
DEWA's IPO: The Big Idea
Investing in DEWA Shares Step-by-Step
Maximizing Your DEWA Investment





DEWA—Dubai Electricity and Water Authority—is a state-owned utility giant in Dubai, powering homes and businesses with electricity and water.  


DEWA's expansionary journey has cemented its position in the market and has become a reliable utility provider in the region. 


Fun fact: DEWA is the first Dubai government group to sell shares to the public on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM). 


DEWA's IPO: The Big Idea 


DEWA announced its IPO launch on March 22, 2022, and set the price range between AED 2.25 and AED 2.48 per share. They offered a total of 3.25 billion shares (6.5% of DEWA’s existing shares at the time.) 


Moreover, DEWA stands as a cornerstone in Dubai—its operations are integral to the city's progressive infrastructure and growth. It propels Dubai's economy and attracts capital investments that strengthen utility services, boost consumer confidence, and signal a healthy, expanding economy. 


And, if you invest in DEWA in Dubai, you’re contributing to a utility network that is crucial to Dubai's economic strength and sustainability achievements. 


In fact, DEWA has a total market cap of AED 125 billion and a trading volume of 2,108,526 and is currently DEWA trading at AED 2.49 as of February 7, 2024. (via YahooFinance) 


DEWA’s Divided Payout History  


Ex-date Record date Pay date Amount Frequency 
10/17/2023 10/18/2023 10/26/2023 0.062 Interim 
4/19/2023 4/24/2023 4/28/2023 0.033 Special 
4/19/2023 4/24/2023 4/28/2023 0.062 Final 
12/21/2022 12/22/2022 1/1/2023 0.041 Special 
10/19/2022 10/20/2022 10/26/2022 0.062 Interim 

Description: DEWA’s Dividend Payout History 


DEWA’s last dividend per share was 0.06 AED. As of February 7, 2024, DEWA’s Dividend Yield (TTM)% is 4.94%. (via TradingView) 


Investing in DEWA Shares Step-by-Step 


If you’re looking for an easy way to invest in DEWA in Dubai, amana is here for you. It might seem a bit daunting at first, but our user-friendly app makes trading easy using a simple, streamlined process—enabling investors of all levels to invest in DEWA shares. 


To begin, download the and create an account. You can also just sign in to the app or amanaWeb if you already have an account with us.  


Next, fund your account through our supported payment methods: 


Credit/Debit card  

Apple Pay  

Google Pay  

UAE Bank Transfer  

Wire Transfer  

Whish Money (Lebanon) 



Navigate through the platform and search for DEWA (DEWAA). You can just simply type "DEWA" in the search bar to find it immediately. 


Afterward, you’ll be able to see DEWA’s current stock profile, stock price, price movements, and historical data. 


Review all the information before deciding to invest. Be mindful of your financial objectives. 


Once you’re sure, click Buy and specify the number of shares/amount of money you intend to invest. 


Important note: We also offer leveraged DEWA for those who are looking for higher leverage trading. 


Maximizing Your DEWA Investment 


After you invest in DEWA in Dubai, the next thing you can do is maximize your investment and enhance your portfolio. 


You can do this by regularly monitoring DEWA's financial performance and using amana's analytical tools and products on the platform. Use all the news updates, earnings reports, and market trends data in your decision-making for a more strategic approach. 

Use amana to stay updated about how DEWA is faring in the trading space. 


Analyzing DEWA's Financial Performance 


To evaluate DEWA's financial performance, you can use these following tips: 


Assess the company’s revenue growth year-over-year to understand sales trends. 

Examine its profit margins to gauge operational efficiency. 

Consider the debt-to-equity ratio to evaluate financial leverage. 

Analyze cash flow statements for insights into liquidity management. 

Study earnings projections to estimate future growth potential. 


Comparing these metrics against industry standards provides more context about how DEWA is performing in trading sessions. DEWA's sustained profitability, or lack thereof, can influence your investment decisions significantly. Use these metrics to decide whether you would want to invest in DEWA in Dubai or not. 




Exploring stock investments like the utility giant, DEWA, can add stability to your portfolio overall.  



By including DEWA in your portfolio, you can gain exposure to the robust Dubai stock market.  


Thankfully, through amana, you can easily trade DEWA and take advantage of its market potential. You can use our or amanaWeb, to trade DEWA and other assets like cryptocurrencies, indices, ETFs, forex, and several others. What’s more, we also offer MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 for those who want to trade with sophisticated tools and instruments. 


And, of course, if you feel a little lost or have any questions, contact our support team at [email protected], and you’ll be guided accordingly. Happy trading! 

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