Published on: March 15, 2024

How to get your Golden Visa in UAE as an investor?

Author: Derar Hasn

How to get your Golden Visa in UAE as an investor?
Table of Content
How much do I need to invest to get a Golden Visa?
How can I get the Golden Visa if I’m in Public Investments?
How can real estate investing help with the Golden Visa?
Can entrepreneurs apply for a UAE Golden Visa? 
How can I get the Golden Visa if I’m in Public Investments?
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Dubai, where the desert landscapes blend with urban architecture, offers a unique mix of modern and traditional elements, making it an attractive hub for investors. Known for its rapid development and economic growth, Dubai invites ambitious individuals to explore its vast opportunities. 


With each day bringing new opportunities, Dubai's impressive skyline symbolizes not just its architectural achievements but also its potential for business success. The city is a thriving center for commerce, benefiting from a tax-free policy that enhances its appeal to business professionals. Here, engaging in business goes beyond transactions; it's about being part of a forward-thinking community. 


The Golden Visa represents Dubai's invitation to global investors and savvy traders, offering them a chance to settle and succeed in this dynamic environment. This program extends more than just residency; it offers a partnership with the city's vision, promising a prosperous future for those ready to invest their aspirations here. The Golden Visa stands out as an exceptional opportunity for those looking to make a lasting impact in the age of investment and commerce. 



How much do I need to invest to get a Golden Visa? 


To obtain a Golden Visa in the UAE as an investor, you need to meet certain investment thresholds and other requirements. Below is a breakdown to help you understand the process better. Are you ready? Let’s dive in! 


How can I get the Golden Visa if I’m in Public Investments? 


Investing can pave your way to obtaining the UAE's coveted Golden Visa, granting a 10-year residency without the need for a sponsor. To qualify, you'd need to meet certain financial criteria, such as: 


Deposit a minimum of AED 2 million in an investment fund within the UAE. 

Possess a commercial or industrial license with a memorandum stating a capital of no less than AED 2 million. 

Ensure the invested capital is not loaned and must be owned fully. 

Pay a minimum of AED 250,000 annually to the government in taxes. 

Provide proof of medical insurance for you and any family members. 


How can real estate investing help with the Golden Visa? 


In Dubai's thriving property market, the allure of real estate investment isn't just in the promise of returns but also in the gateway it opens to the esteemed Golden Visa.  

If you already are or striving to become a real estate investor in the UAE, here is what you need to achieve to acquire your own Golden Visa: 


Own property or a combination of properties valued at no less than AED 2 million, regardless of whether it’s off-plan, completed, mortgaged or not mortgaged. 

If you’ve only paid, say, AED 100,000 of the property’s value, you could still qualify for the Golden Visa. 


Can entrepreneurs apply for a UAE Golden Visa?  


Entrepreneurial spirits, listen up! The UAE Golden Visa isn't just for investors with deep pockets, it's also your ticket to a future where your innovative projects can flourish. Get these boxes ticked, and you might just secure your place in the UAE's entrepreneurial panorama, under the gilded umbrella of the Golden Visa: 


Own a project of a technical or future nature based on risk and innovation valued at no less than AED 500,000. 

Obtain approval from the relevant UAE authorities confirming the nature of the project. 

Have a recommendation from an accredited business incubator in the UAE. 


How long is the Golden Visa issued for? 


The Golden Visa is typically granted for a period of 5 or 10 years and can be renewed under the same conditions. For the application, you will need to provide a copy of your passport, financial statements, a valid trade license, and other specific documents, depending on your investment type. 


For detailed steps on the application process, you would typically need to log in to the UAE’s smart services system, fill out the necessary forms, attach the required documents, pay the service fees, and submit your application. The fees for the Golden Visa include the residence permit fee of AED 1100, with additional charges for knowledge and innovation firms, an in-country fee, and delivery charges. 


More information can be found on the official portal of the UAE Government​​, the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs - Dubai (GDRFAD)​​. 


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Reasons to trade in the UAE 


The UAE has emerged as a formidable global hub for trade and investment, attracting traders with its robust economic landscape and investor-friendly climate. Here's why trading in the UAE could be your next smart move: 


Strategic Location: Nestled at the crossroads of major trade routes between Asia, Europe, and Africa, the UAE offers traders access to diverse markets and a springboard for global trading ventures. 

Diverse Markets: With a thriving stock exchange and a myriad of commodities ranging from oil to gold, the UAE provides a diverse portfolio for traders looking to expand their horizons. 

Regulatory Framework: The UAE's regulatory environment is transparent and conducive to business, safeguarding investor interests and ensuring a fair trading experience. 

Tax Benefits: One of the most compelling reasons is the tax incentives, including no tax on capital gains and no income tax, which can significantly increase net investment returns. 

Technological Advancement: The UAE is at the forefront of incorporating technology into its financial services, offering sophisticated trading platforms and digital solutions for a seamless trading experience. 

Economic Stability: With its stable political climate and consistent economic policies, the UAE offers a secure environment for long-term investments. 

Expat Friendly: The UAE is welcoming to expatriates, with a significant portion of the population made up of international residents, reflecting a globalized and diverse investment community. 

Innovation and Growth: The country is known for its commitment to innovation and growth, continually investing in infrastructure and business development, which in turn can offer attractive opportunities for traders. 


Leveraging these benefits, investors and traders in the UAE can navigate a dynamic economic landscape with confidence, backed by a nation that is firmly positioned as a beacon of trade excellence in the global arena. 


Last thoughts 

Remember that engaging in real estate investing can be a viable path toward obtaining your Golden Visa, offering the potential for long-term investment returns while securing your residency. With this, you can then explore the vibrant trading and investment landscape in the UAE with amana, leveraging opportunities across various sectors. 

Please ensure you consult with the official UAE visa issuing authorities or a legal advisor to get the most accurate and tailored advice for your specific situation. 

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