Published on: September 02, 2022

10 reasons to download the amana app

Author: Laura Brocca

10 reasons to download the amana app
Table of Content
1. Trading fit for everyone
2. Tuition-free learning 
3. All-in-one app
4. No minimum balance
5. Broad range of products
6. Zero-commission trading
7. For the region by the region
8. Fairness & transparency
9. Personalized trading experience
10. Building a community of us

Looking for access to the world of trading and investing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? How about the ability to look up detailed financial information at the touch of a screen? look no further than amana app.
Want to have the best tool to own your finances and potentially grow your wealth in the long term? Well, we’ve got your back!
We’ve created the amana trading and investing app to make all these things simple and easy for you. Here are the top 10 reasons why amana app hits differently for anyone who wants to trade and invest on the go!

 1. Trading fit for everyone

We at amana believe that trading and investing should be a universal right for all. That’s why we empower everyone with access to global markets, regardless of gender, age, income bracket, nationality, wealth, or experience level.
In addition to hassle-free onboarding, we offer you a no-minimum balance policy, low pricing, and fractional shares.
We’re here to empower you to trade whatever products excite you, whether you’re a seasoned professional or a complete rookie. We want you to be the main character in your story.

 2. Tuition-free learning  

When you download the amana trading app, you become part of a bussin’ community of investors. And with our dedicated Learn section, you can learn, grow, and own your know-how on the go!
From how-to tutorials to videos, blogs, trading signals, and live webinars, all you need to do to level up your trading game is to stream and learn.
 And the best part? You can access our Learn section free of charge!

 3. All-in-one app 

With the amana app, you can access a world of financial assets with a single tap. Our multi-asset investment app is here to connect people with markets worldwide—including regional markets—quickly and easily.
 That means you can trade anytime, anywhere! And with our user-friendly app interface and jargon-free lingo, you’ll find it easy to use the
 app at every step of the way. 
Simply tap, swipe, and trade!
Why wait? download our app NOW..
#advice_by_amana: using an all-in-one app helps you stay focused on trading instead of losing energy and focus switching between apps and resource materials and learning centers.

 4. No minimum balance

With amana app, there’s no minimum balance to be maintained in your account. You can invest as little as you want, whenever you want.
 You can even enjoy fractional trading! Let’s say you’ve just graduated from university and started your first job, and you don’t feel comfortable investing a lot of money just yet. 
Then simply fund your account with as little as possible and add more funds once you’re a Lil more experienced.

 5. Broad range of products

With amana, you don’t need multiple trading apps and accounts. Discover and dabble in a full range of products, from stocks, ETFs, and commodities to crypto, currencies, and more—all in one app! Whatever type of asset you’re into—we’ve got you covered!

 Here are just some of the financial assets you can trade:

· Local stocks

· International stocks

· Forex

· Commodities

· Crypto

· Indices

· ETFs

· Derivatives 

· And more!

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 6. Zero-commission trading 

That’s right—with the amana app, you can enjoy zero-commission trading on thousands of financial assets worldwide—from the US to the EU, MENA, and beyond.
 Experience zero-commission trading on shares and stocks; invest in the crypto market with $0-commission trading; buy and sell commodities like oil, futures, and spot metals commission-free; or dabble in commission-free currency trading. 
All you need to do is tap, swipe, and trade! 

 7. For the region by the region

Looking to power up your portfolio with the local brands you know and vibe with? With amana app, you can invest in the leading MENA stocks.
 Our products are for the region, by the region. What’s more, we don’t make a profit from regional stock trading, add a markup, or charge a commission.
 We simply pass along our costs from our clearer and the exchanges so that everyone can access regional stocks at the best price. 

 8. Fairness & Transparency 

Our mission is to build a community with fair & equitable trading for all. We keep it real with a clear breakdown of costs and fees.
 We also offer you zero-commission trading on thousands of products and even fractional trading. And when it comes to regional products, what you pay is what we pay.
 That means we don’t make any profit on spreads or commissions—no cap! And as our community grows, so does our ability to lower prices for everyone!

 Read our transparency statement here

 9. Personalized trading experience

Your skills and interests are specific to you, so why shouldn’t the products you trade be, too? Our app offers you a wide variety of financial products for all kinds of portfolios and investing goals.
 amana app is also a great go-to place for news, prices, and products. What’s more, you can build your own Watchlist, keep close tabs on your favorite markets, keep track of equities and indices, and receive notifications tailored to you.  

 10. Building a community of us

amana is a collective of its clients, employees, and shareholders. When you join the amana 

, you become part of a vibrant community of investors who champion a win-win mindset.
 And if you need some help navigating the global markets, our expert team is ready to support you 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. 

So, when is the app going live? Download our app mid-September and unlock the power to invest in your future.

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Trading might not be suitable for all investors. Before trading, investors should ensure they fully understand the risks involved in Amana’s financial products. 

To read our full Risk Disclosure, go to also read our guide about Investing on the go.

If you want to learn more about trading and investment with amana, review our guide on the amana app

Continue reading and devolving your knowledge regarding trading markets with amana learning center, read a few articles in our blog, or watch some videos from our video library.

Move forward with steady steps towards increasing your knowledge, and when you feel that you have gained enough experience download the amana app. And start your investment journey with us.


Is amana trading app free?

Most of our products can be traded without any commission. For the rest, you pay what we pay. This way the more opportunities for discounts for everyone.

Are trading apps safe?

Not all trading apps are safe, some apps are just trying to scam you and steal your personal information, so make sure you research the app well before you register and make sure it checks all the right boxes just like the amana trading app.

Is amana trading app legit?

If you research the amana app, you will find great reviews from previous subscribers. They will tell you that it's a user-friendly app that offers great trading opportunity and that it's 100% legit.

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