Published on: March 26, 2024

Trade commodities in Dubai with amana: A guide to getting started

Author: Derar Hasn

Trade commodities in Dubai with amana: A guide to getting started
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Trade commodities in Dubai with amana: A guide to getting started
What is commodities trading?
Undated commodities vs. commodity futures 
Should you invest in commodities? 
Why choose amana to trade commodities?
Types of commodities you can trade with amana

Trade commodities in Dubai with amana: A guide to getting started 


Dive into the exciting world of commodities trading in Dubai with amana!  


This guide will walk you through the basics, from understanding commodities to choosing between undated commodities and futures.  


Let’s get started! 


What is commodities trading? 


Commodities trading involves the buying and selling of raw materials or primary agricultural products such as gold, silver, oil, coffee, wheat, and more. These commodities are traded on various exchanges worldwide, and Dubai has emerged as a significant player in this market due to its strategic location between the East and the West. 


Undated commodities vs. commodity futures  


Understanding the distinction between undated commodities and commodity futures is essential for traders venturing into Dubai's world of commodity trading.  


Undated commodities, or spot commodities, involve immediate delivery of physical goods. In contrast, commodity futures entail contracts obligating the buyer to purchase a specified quantity of a commodity at a predetermined price on a future date.  


Both offer unique advantages and risks, and traders must weigh their options carefully. 


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Should you invest in commodities?  


Investing in commodities offers several benefits, including portfolio diversification, inflation protection, and potential returns.  


Commodities often exhibit a low correlation with traditional asset classes, serving as a hedge against market volatility. However, when you trade commodities in Dubai, you should remember that it still involves risks such as price volatility, geopolitical factors, and supply-demand dynamics, just like any form of investment. Which is why traders like you must tread carefully. 


Why choose amana to trade commodities? 


amana emerges as a go-to trading app for those who want to engage with commodity trading. Our app offers a plethora of benefits like: 


Regulatory compliance: amana operates under the supervision of reputable financial authorities like LFSA, DFSA, CySEC, FSC, FCA, and CMA. 

Cutting-edge trading platforms: amana offers various trading options like the amana app, amanaWeb, and MT4/MT5. 

Competitive pricing: amana boasts competitive spreads and even zero-cost trades on your first $100,000 investment in MENA stocks

Educational materials: amana has partnered with Real Vision to bring you world-class trading and investing courses. 

Dedicated customer support: Our customer support team is always ready to assist you 24/6. 


Types of commodities you can trade with amana  


amana opens the gateway to a diverse array of commodities for traders, including: 


Precious metals (gold, silver, etc.) 

Energy commodities (oil, etc.) 

Agricultural commodities (coffee, wheat, etc.) 

Soft commodities 


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By understanding the nuances of commodity trading, evaluating investment opportunities, and leveraging amana's resources, traders can confidently navigate the commodities market's intricacies.  


Whether you're a novice trader or a seasoned investor, amana is your trusted partner for success when trading commodities in Dubai. 


With amana, you can trade various commodities, from precious metals to agricultural products, while enjoying the journey to financial growth and success in Dubai's vibrant trading scene.  


Trade commodities with amana, today! 

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