Published on: September 09, 2022

How difficult is day trading in cryptocurrency?

Author: Laura Brocca

How difficult is day trading in cryptocurrency?
Table of Content
I’d like to day trade. Should I give it a go?
How much could I profit?
Finding the winning ticket
Can I use a trading bot to day trade?
Technical Analysis
24/7, 365, Mr. Worldwide
Final thoughts

Day trading in any volatile market is a difficult task. Usually, when it comes to any type of trading, day trading is done solely by huge corporate traders. 
This includes investment banks or asset management companies that handle billions of dollars worth of capital. download our app to know them all. 
Even then, these expert analysts do not always get it right and can lose money on calls they make. So yeah, in a nutshell, it’s pretty challenging. 
However, what we will take a look at today are the tools you can look to take advantage of to increase your chances of day trading successfully or at least to put the odds in your favor.

I’d like to day trade. Should I give it a go?

That’s not our decision to make, but if you want to start day trading, you need to be aware of the market and the considerable risk involved.
Day trading usually relies on large amounts of capital. Usually around a 5-figure sum if you’re attempting to turn a profit of a few hundred dollars per day. 
This is because you will usually be charged for the transaction on each end, both buying and selling. 
These fees decrease on central exchanges if you’re making larger trades.

How much could I profit?

If you were to trade a few hundred dollars, you’d be charged a few dollars at each end. A good return on a day trade may be around the 5-7% mark over 24 hours. 
You could maybe see a return of between $10-30 a day, but this would result in fees at each end which may be in the region of $10-15 dollars. 
Although, some cryptocurrencies have been known to jump 20-25% in one day. This can be much higher for smaller cap coins, usually known as meme coins. 
However, they have little to no utility and can often be part of “rug pull” scams where you could potentially lose everything in a very short period. 
So you wouldn’t profit much from one of those investments.

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Finding the winning ticket

Finding cryptocurrencies that are about to jump up 20-25% in 24 hours is a difficult task. Day traders often get it wrong, trying to time the bottom and catch the top. 
This means buying low and selling high. If a cryptocurrency is down 10% over 24 hours, this could be a good time to buy as it may see people purchasing at a lower price.

Can I use a trading bot for day trade?

This is an increasingly popular method for day traders. No, it doesn’t mean you have a robot sitting there doing your trading while scrolling TikTok for a few hours. 

A trading bot is an automated software tool investors use to buy and sell cryptocurrency at a specific time or when predetermined conditions have triggered a result to make some serious gains. 
In theory, crypto trading bots are programmed to increase your chances of making money while minimizing potential losses. 

Crypto trading bots can be used to take the emotion out of trading. This could be an essential piece of software for you, especially for day trading. 
Especially if you’re in a position like you regularly can be with day trading, where you could be looking to make several trades in one day. 
It also saves you the time and energy of exploring and monitoring prices and fees. Bot trading software has long been utilized by brokerages trading the stock exchange. 

Technical analysis

You may have come across this on a central exchange or YouTube. 
When you open the information for a cryptocurrency, you’re immediately bombarded with charts dating back five years. 
This can be daunting and off-putting when you first look to trade cryptocurrency, but it can be an extremely effective way of analyzing where the price will go. 
That’s not to say you need to get a ruler out and start measuring graphs or do 47 minutes long videos on YouTube every day to try to conduct microanalysis to find out when Ethereum is going to the moon.

#advice_by_amana: technical analysis is the closest thing to a modern scientific approach to trading, learn at least its basics before you start trading.

24/7, 365, Mr. Worldwide

One advantage of cryptocurrency day trading is that the markets are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
For example, the New York Stock Exchange is only open between 9 am and 4:30 pm.
This means that if you want to try your luck as a day trader, you can do so at your own leisure from the comfort of your home.

However, The 24/7 market can turn into a bit of a double-edged sword.
The market never sleeping can easily result in you missing out on sleep as you try and find the perfect time to sell your cryptocurrency and trade at a profit. 
If you find yourself in this cycle, the whole point of day trading becomes pointless as you also turn into a night trader. 

The availability of cryptocurrency markets means there are fewer patterns in the day where clever and predictable trades are being executed. 
In theory, this can turn day trading into a highly tricky venture and is one of the greatest difficulties a lot of new traders face when trying to turn a quick short-term profit. 

Final thoughts

There are some benefits and tools that can be applied to day trading. It is a tough market to navigate, even for experienced traders. 
If you’re looking to day trade, you need to be aware of the potential losses and the high market volatility you could experience. 

Usually, a more effective and less risky way to trade cryptocurrency is to invest and sit on the investment for at least a few weeks or months until it hits a price you would like to sell at.
In all honesty, though, with cryptocurrency being such a new and volatile market, there are gains to be made.
Both in day trading and longer-term trading. As long as you manage your risks accordingly and do an adequate level of research, then you stand a better chance of turning a profit and making some gains.

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