Published on: October 07, 2022

Best online stock brokers for beginners

Author: Laura Brocca

Best online stock brokers for beginners
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What is the best online brokerage platform?
Which online stock broker would you recommend?
Is it better to trade through an online platform or through a broker?
Which online broker is the best for beginners?
How to invest correctly? Amateur VS Pro
Bottom line

We seem to live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with advertisements for trading platforms and online stock brokers. 
It can be very difficult to navigate any market online as companies from all over the world compete against each other for your custom. 
The rise of social media has added further fuel to this fire as more influencers and celebrities get involved in advertising that they simply don't understand properly. 

This isn't a harsh criticism of them; it is the way of the world at the moment. It seems like people are out to make the quickest and easiest money without thinking about what they're advising people to purchase. 

What is the best online brokerage platform?

You need to identify the difference between a good platform and a platform trying to squeeze you for your profits. 
This may sound critical because every company creates a business to make a profit. 

In addition to this, providing the opportunity to access financial markets is a difficult and expensive business to navigate successfully. 
The first key thing to identify with a trading platform is whether there are any hidden fees.

 This isn't good practice if a company allows you to sign up for free but buries the hidden fees on page 37 of a 55-page terms and conditions document. 
It can take the wind out of your sails if you pull off a killer trade and then find that the platform has taken 25% of it.

Another thing to look out for is whether or not the platform offers the ability to trade all different types of assets. 
Some platforms are good at offering one type of trading. For example, some companies specialize in forex trading. Others specialize in stock trading. 

However, you could be set up on an app trading forex, and your friend tells you that a Bitcoin halving is due to take place. 
When you go to purchase some Bitcoin, the platform doesn't have it available as it is rigid and doesn't provide flexibility for your investment. 
The next Bitcoin halving is due in 2024. This usually causes the price to increase as it was written into the initial mining algorithm to combat inflation.

The third and final thing we recommend you look out for is the minimum amount you can invest. 
Many platforms will advertise that you can buy all sorts of financial assets. However, they'll say you have to invest a minimum of a few thousand dollars to begin. 
This isn't viable for many traders, and you want to find a platform that allows you to invest as little or as much as you want.

You can learn more on the subject by reading our trading software guide.

Which online stock broker would you recommend?

We have looked at some of the online brokers and trading platforms available on the internet, and some are better than others. 
However, one platform that met all the criteria we discussed in the previous section is a trading app called amana, you can download it for free from here. 
They tick all the boxes and deal with the issues we raised in the previous section head-on. 

Firstly, they ensure that there are no hidden fees when using their app. This includes no commission fees or minimum balance. 
However, some markets come with a fee that everybody has to pay. Where this is the case, you pay what amana pays, and they're upfront and honest about the cost.

The more their community grows, the lower their costs become. This benefits you and amana. This organic growth strategy is unique amongst trading platforms. 
The culture of many trading platforms is geared toward who can make the quickest profits with no real concern for the customer.

Another thing that impressed us with the amana app was the range of financial assets you can invest in. 
Not only can you invest in currencies and stocks, but they also offer markets on cryptocurrencies and ETFs. 
So, if your friend recommends Bitcoin investment, you can have Bitcoin, Tesla, and major currency pairs under one app at no additional cost.

Is it better to trade through an online platform or through a broker?

That depends. Trading through a broker is your best bet if you prefer to pay higher fees… Nope, we didn't think so, either.

Trading with an online or traditional stockbroker is more costly than trading through an online platform. 
Most traditional stockbroker fees are higher than those online brokers charge. However, ideally, you want to minimize charges as much as possible. 

Online platforms are leading the way, amana doesn't have any hidden fees, and they also have zero commission. 
This means you can keep more of your own money when you enter a trade, and if you make profits from the trade, you have more in your pocket. 
Traditional stockbrokers had more of a grip on the market in the 1990s. Back then, before the digital transformation of trading, investors did most trades over the telephone. 

This meant they could set the price and hold the keys to the market. 
With the advances in technology and computing, more companies are bringing these average costs down, which benefits you as a trader. 

Not only does it save you money, but it opens you up to a market that otherwise mightn't have been accessible if you were only looking to trade a small amount. 
Again, amana has no minimum balance, and you can hold as little or as much of the financial asset as you want.

If you want we can provide you with 10 reasons to download the amana app.

Which online broker is the best for beginners?

Many online brokers focus on attracting more experienced traders to their platforms. Usually, this will be because experienced traders know how to make money and will trade more frequently. 
This means their investment is a safer bet. 

How to invest correctly? Amateur VS Pro

Amateur investor: 

Downloads a new trading app, but he doesn’t check the app reviews or its background. He registered with his name and bank account information. 


 The app is not legit, and his banking information is sold to third parties.

Professional investor:

Downloads a new trading app, but before doing so, he checks to see which apps are legit, which have reasonable fees, and which have the most features and assets to trade. 


The professional investor downloads amana app, and registers without any concern, and by learning about multiple trading markets and strategies. 

Bottom line

However, this doesn't benefit new traders who want to enter the market. Swimming through a tornado of graphs and charts isn't appealing to a beginner. 
As we explained earlier, the key to getting your foot in the door is being able to buy fractional amounts with no hidden fees. 
For this reason, we would say amana, as Dubai's leading no broker, is the best app to download if you want to start in the trading world.

If you want to learn more about trading and investment with amana, review our guide on stocks.

Continue reading and devolving your knowledge regarding trading markets with amana learning center, read a few articles in our blog, or watch some videos from our video library.

Move forward with steady steps towards increasing your knowledge, and when you feel that you have gained enough experience download the amana app. And start your investment journey with us.


1- What are the advantages of using an online stock broker? 

The main advantages of using an online stock broker are convenience, cost savings, speed, and access to a wider range of investment options. 
Online brokers typically offer lower fees than traditional brokerages, as well as a wider range of investments and features, such as research tools and portfolio tracking. 

The ability to place trades quickly and efficiently makes online brokers a great choice for busy investors. 

2- What should I look for when choosing an online stock broker? 

 When choosing an online stock broker, you should consider factors such as fees, account minimums, the range of investments available, customer service, research tools, and portfolio tracking. 

It is important to review the fees associated with each broker, as they can vary greatly. Additionally, you should look for a broker that offers the investments you are interested in, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs.

You should also consider the research tools and portfolio tracking features that the broker offers, as they can help you make informed investment decisions.

Finally, you should check the customer service offered by the broker, as you may need assistance with your account from time to time.

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