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Published on: October 07, 2022

10 stock trading tools (that every trader should have)

Author: Laura Brocca

10 stock trading tools (that every trader should have)
Table of Content
Which broker has the best online trading tools?
Which is the best stock trading tool for beginners?
What is the best online stock trading service tool for a beginner?
What online trading platform offers the best research options?
Which online trading platform is right for you?
Bottom line

Trading stock can be tricky; you won't have difficulty locating stories about investors who haven't made any profit from their trades. This doesn't just include individual traders, who are usually considered more susceptible to it, either. Some large institutional investors have made serious losses too.

Whilst nothing guarantees a trade will be successful, there are several techniques and tools you can apply to your trading psychology. By implementing these tools successfully, you stand in a better position to understand the market and when to enter or exit a successful trade. Today we're going to explore 10 tools that will allow you to navigate this sometimes turbulent and volatile market better.

Which broker has the best online trading tools?

The first tool we'll equip you with is to ensure you're finding the best mobile trading app that suits your needs. For most of us, using our hard-earned capital is a decision that takes a lot of serious thought. Once you have decided to put your capital at risk, you want to find a mobile trading app that accommodates your needs effectively and gives you the best tools to trade.

Which is the best stock trading tool for beginners?

This moves us onto the second, third and fourth tools. Having the ability to identify how to keep most of your money from a successful trade is essential. The last thing you want is a mobile trading app picking up its slice of the pie from your perfectly executed successful trade.

Our second point and third point are to always look out for hidden fees. They can be hidden quite well within terms and conditions, and always ensure you're allowing yourself time to check any terms and conditions thoroughly. A trading platform that isn't transparent before you even open an account with them isn't the type of company you want to give your money to.

This leads us to our fourth point. Plenty of trading apps offer attractive account opening terms, and a common one is "no commission". However, despite honoring this part of the deal, they won't allow you to trade unless you have significant capital. What good is it not having to pay commission if the minimum deposit is $2000? 

You're already taking more risks by having to put up a larger amount. Find an app that allows you to trade fractionally and with a smaller amount as you're able.

What is the best online stock trading service tool for a beginner?

There are several different trading tools that you can implement as a beginner. The main tool we would recommend is finding a mobile trading app that not only allows you to trade stock but also allows you to trade other financial assets too.

The best online stock trading service tool would be a mobile trading app that breaks the information from a stock market graph or chart and puts it into layperson's terms. You don't want to open a mobile trading application and be sideswiped by a tidal wave of bar charts, moving graphs and many abbreviations that very few traders understand.

Again, the amana app is tailor-made for beginners who want to give themselves a shot at achieving passive income and financial freedom from trading, with no jargon or hidden fees.

What online trading platform offers the best research options?

Some brokers pride themselves on empowering traders who choose to use their mobile trading app. This is the sixth tool we will explore today. Empowerment doesn't just mean giving a trader access to markets. This is the bare minimum, in my opinion. Effective mobile trading applications also provide the tools to trade so that you are in a position where you can identify particular trends or quality financial assets to trade. Empowerment covers several things, such as:

· Tutorials that explain trading techniques and common terms.

· How to identify which type of trading is most suitable for you.

· What financial assets you would enjoy trading more than others.

· How to identify opportunities in the market.

Some mobile apps don't just offer tools to trade, they offer an entire toolbox of invaluable content. After spending many hours researching the most effective mobile trading applications, it is clear that the package you can get when trading with amana trumps all of its competitors. Once you can understand the markets better, you can easily understand the chances to make money.

What are the tools that can be used to do efficient trading?

There are plenty of crossover skills that you can use from day-to-day life to make sure that you're giving yourself the best chance to execute a trade as efficiently as possible.

Study market trends and news about Bitcoin and see what large institutions say about investing in a particular asset before you place your capital at risk. One crucial mistake that people make is that they purchase a financial asset when it is at its peak. They see on the news that it has hit a record high and presume it'll continue heading in this direction. 

Usually, following an all-time high or a price pump, a correction will occur. This causes naïve beginner traders to lose money quickly and early.

The eighth tool we will explore is never to invest more than you can afford to lose. Trading efficiently requires being savvy with money that you can afford to lose. Some investment horror stories involve people overleveraging in stock or products they don’t understand and financially crippling themselves due to poor risk management and inefficient trading.

Which online trading platform is right for you?

So this brings us to our conclusion and the final two tools you can take away and apply to your trading psychology. The penultimate tool is to always stick to your initial plan. If you purchase a stock and want to sell it when it hits a certain price, then sell it at that price. 

Some people make the grave mistake of following a rising stock and think it will constantly go up. When the correction comes, and it drops to below your asking price, you will be kicking yourself that you didn't stick to your initial plan.

To combat this effectively, you can set buy or sell orders that automatically trigger when the stock hits a certain price. You can do this by using mobile trading platforms such as amana. If you're a beginner, the amana app allows you to do this easily and quickly.

Which online trading platform is right for you?

Our final point, arguably the most important, is to try to keep emotions out of your trading strategy. Granted, this is much easier to say from the outside when you have significant portions of your savings at stake. However, individuals allowing themselves to get angry or too emotionally invested are on a slippery slope.

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