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Sahar Haidar

Sahar Haidar

Director of Global Operations

As the Director of Global Operations at amana, Sahar Haidar pilots a full scope of front- and backend operations that are crucial to successfully supporting amana’s growth journey. With over a decade under her belt at the company, she has gained a thorough familiarity with its core mission and values and honed her expertise in financial services, enabling her to expertly steer operations at every turn.

In addition to streamlining amana’s payments function, Sahar is responsible for developing policies, managing customer service, and implementing technological solutions. Along with leading a team of 10 people, she ensures that the platform’s integration runs smoothly and complies with all applicable laws and regulations, maintaining amana’s position as a leading neobroker in the region.

Sahar’s professionalism and seasoned skills have not only elevated every facet of amana’s daily operations but also provided a high level of trust, transparency, and quality to every customer. Her directions have helped amana provide best-in-class service on a global scale, supporting its goal of becoming a catalyst for positive change in the financial services industry.

In her spare time, Sahar enjoys downtime, listening to music, and traveling.

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