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Kurt Hoeksema

Kurt Hoeksema

Director of Global Business Development

Kurt Hoeksema is the Director of Global Business Development at amana. He plays a crucial role in driving growth and reinforcing the company’s position as the region’s leading neobroker. Delivering detailed, specialized financial services that fit amana’s diverse client requirements is a key component of his responsibilities.

Kurt has amassed over two decades in the industry, leveraging his trading and risk management expertise. He now directs a team of 13, overseeing amana’s business development initiatives to provide best-in-class, customized solutions to trading institutions and high-net-worth clients worldwide.

Before joining amana, Kurt led organizations such as GFT Markets, Gain Capital and Finalto. Additionally, he led a B2B trading service in the UK, Alpha Capital Markets, where he built and managed a trading desk catering to high-net-worth individuals and corporations on a global scale. His knowledge and insight have been invaluable to amana as the company forges a new path for the trading and investment industry with its commitment to technological innovations, product solutions and transparency.

Kurt is also a family man with a passion for golf and volunteering with organizations that serve the local community, such as Kids Hope USA.

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