Athanasios Velianis

Athanasios Velianis

Chief Risk Officer

As the Chief Risk and Compliance Officer at amana, Athanasios Velianis heads up our company’s global risk and compliance department. His team ensures that the risk framework is aligned with our Board’s risk appetite and that operations comply with the relevant laws and regulations. He also keeps a watchful eye on our ethical standards and the safety of our customers’ and our funds. 

Athanasios’s primary duties include overseeing our risk control framework, internal risk management processes and regulatory reporting obligations and compliance. A true amana veteran—having been with the company since 2010— Athanasios also serves as the CEO and Director at amana’s UK and Cyprus-regulated entities. He is responsible for delivering regulatory reports, streamlining complaints and liaising with regulators.

Previously, he served as Chief Risk Officer at Orion Holding Oversees, reducing business risks that could risk the organization’s profitability and productivity. At Orion Holding Limited, he gradually transitioned into a Chief Executive Officer role. His past leadership roles include Director at Deutsche Bank and Senior Consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Athanasios holds a Ph.D. in Quantitative Finance from the Imperial College London. He is a husband and father with hobbies ranging from cycling and watching soccer to reading and traveling.

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